"At THOC we believe our sellers are of the same importance as our buyers"
Start selling today the boost your business of to earn some extra cash!
The advantages of selling at THOC
SWIFT Payments

THOC organises the payment system and quickly pays out seller revenue! Professional sellers even receive their money instantly!

Great customer service

Our customer service handles disputes. We help to solve any problem that could arise between a buyer and a seller. This way you don't lose worthfull time for your business.

great advertising

THOC's auction platform is fully integrated with social media! As a seller you can take advantage of the promotion we do for you. By sharing your live auction listings you boost your listings revenue!

Easy to use seller environment

Our seller enviornment is based on the experience of different established online retailers and online auctioneers. Thanks to their feedback we developed a user friendly and efficient seller dashboard. The better our seller enviornment the more efficient you can sell your items!

low commission

We only charge a 11% sales commission for every item you sell in one of our auctions. Compare for yourself and find out we are one the cheapest! You earn more and get more advantages!

fast growth ensured

THOC is growing fast. We strive to expand our activities and become available to citizens all around the world. By joining us from the start you will grow with us!

How to start selling at thoc?

@ THOC we like to know who our sellers are, therefore all our sellers are subject to an account review by our compliance department. In case you fulfill all requirements your account will be approved within 48 hours and you can start selling at THOC!