Fair Business
At THOC we believe in fair business we do not simply use theses words as a marketing tool! Since the internet is becoming more and more available for everyone it is important to assure transactions are safe. We cannot deny online shopping is different from buying something in your local store. However at THOC we strive to make it even better and securer! This is what we do to protect our buyers and sellers and to make sure all transactions are rounded successfully!
"The Key to Successful
business is
fair business!"

We protect our Buyers!
THOC won't pay any money to the seller in case the buyer reported a problem. We will keep the invoice amount for 14 days after the item has been shipped by the seller. In this way the buyer has the time to open a dispute in case something went wrong! Until a solution is found we won't pay the seller your money!

THOC installed a transparent feedback system! Because other buyers rated what they bought and rated the service provided by each seller our buyers can bid in full confidence!

THOC will hide buyers' identity for sellers in the bidding process. All bids will be anonymous! The seller will only receive the buyers identity when he paid his purchase!

Although buyers can open disputes regarding their purchases, THOC customer support will thoroughly review each case to make a judgement. Customer support will get in touch with buyer and seller only if no solutions seems possible. 

THOC will also hide sellers' identity for buyers in the bidding process. The buyer will only receive the sellers identity when he paid his purchase!

When bids remain unpaid THOC will go for great lengths to collect the payment. Buyers that keep ignoring their payment reminders will be blocked!
We protect our Sellers!

We Facilitate Fair Business!
We screen each and every seller that applies for a selling account at The House of Curiosities. In order to apply for an account we require an identity check and professional sellers will be reviewed by their vat number.